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Fire Safety Risk Assessment
Record of Significant Findings (as required under Fire Safety Reform Order with effect from 1/10/06).

This document is based on information contained in H. M. Government booklet Do you have paying guests? published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (November 2008) Ref. 08FRP05324 ISBN 978 1 40980 531 1.

Location and Address of assessed premises:
Hazelwood Court, Lindale Road, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, LA11 6SP.
The large stone-built slate roofed three/four storey property occupies an elevated position in four acres of woodland and gardens up a sloping driveway accessed from the B5277 road about 1 mile from Lindale Village and ¾ mile from Grange-over-Sands railway station.

Person Responsible for Fire Risk Assessment:
Martin Stilling (Owner/Proprietor) resident at the above address.
Phone/Fax: 015395 34196
Mobile: n/a
Website: www.hazelwoodcourt.co.uk

Function and use of the assessed premises:
Furnished, self-contained two and three bedroomed apartments on the ground, first and second floor levels used for self-catering holiday accommodation and one ground floor apartment for owners family use. One second floor apartment used for storage (no overnight residents). Undeveloped/incomplete areas either empty or containing some building materials (no human residents). Separate ground floor laundry room with washing machine and two tumble driers separated by stone walls from living areas. (Low risk of clothing ignition/fire spreading).

Identification of Possible Fire Hazards (Step 1):
- Main sources of fire ignition include gas/electric living room fires: gas hobs, electric ovens and other appliances in kitchens: portable ignition sources (matches and cigarette lighters); electric irons, hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs.
- Fuel sources for fires include normal furnishings; bedding; occupants clothing; newspaper/brochures; candles; canister contained inflammable aerosol products; cooking oil.

Identification of People at Risk (Step 2):
- Guests anywhere on the premises (including elderly, disabled and young children).
- Proprietor and family anywhere on premises.
- Tradespeople, guests visitors, casual staff (none full or part time) on premises.

Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk (step3)
What is the risk: Possibility of accidental/deliberate ignition, causing fire to affect part or all of any single self-contained apartment, and to spread to other adjacent apartments and/or communal (hall/staircase) areas.
Who is at risk: See Step 2

Action taken by the proprietors responsible for fire risk assessment and precautions to remove and reduce the causal fire hazards and consequent risks to people at Hazelwood Court has been undertaken in two main ways:

1. Physical  building construction/alteration/conversion application of fire prevention and spread limitation principles/regulations.
2. Human  visitor occupant fire risk awareness raising/risk minimisation/exit procedure identification and information provision by proprietor.

1. Physical Action

- Apartment conversion work undertaken during various periods since 1972 has taken place in accordance with granted planning consent and building regulation requirements appropriate for permanent residential occupation of completed units in force at those times.

- Such statutory requirements necessitated the incorporation of many contemporary fire regulation features to reduce the risks of ignition and of fire spreading through the building.

- Despite multiple existing chimney provision, the use of open fires in apartment living rooms has been rejected in preference for gas or electric fires on fire risk safety grounds.

- Lateral spreading of flame, hot gas and smoke has been restricted by constructing foundation to roofline stone/concrete block internal walls, creating five distinct sections of lateral risk reduction in the whole building.

- The vertical spread of any fire outbreak is restricted by the use of double thickness plaster/fire retardant ceiling boarding designed to slow and contain smoke and flames.

- Fire resistant doors with self-closing devices, deep rebates, wired glass, etc. have been incorporated into all apartments, and self-adhesive Keep Closed notices have been attached to them all.

- Two currently unoccupied North wing apartments at first and second floor level are served by an externally-mounted metal secondary escape at the rear of the building.

- An internal protected shaft provides an alternative escape route to the rear of the building for any future occupants of those two apartments.

- Two currently used centre section holiday apartments at first (Chippendale) and second (Sheraton) floor levels benefit from the choice of that and one other staircase protected shaft to the main entrance door at the building rear for emergency purposes.

- Fire exit door identification and directional arrowing/notices for holiday visitor occupants are self-adhesively attached to doors and walls in clearly visible positions in apartments and stairwells.

- Time delay lighting and permanent overriding switching are fitted in the non-main entrance stairwell.

- The protected main entrance stairway shaft, with its self-closing main or sole entry/exit fire resistant doors to five apartments, has time delay lighting switches at each floor level, emergency (mains power failure) lighting and break-glass fire alarm bell activation.

- Additionally, heat/smoke detectors in first floor (Ruskin) and ground floor (Wordsworth) apartments activate the emergency alarm bell in that staircase, which also forms the main means of escape from those two apartments.

- An illuminated control panel at the staircase foot permits regular proprietor checks for system functionality and zonal fire location identification in the event of an emergency.

- The main external access inward opening front door serving the communal entrance hall and main staircase at ground floor level is always unlocked when any apartments are occupied to facilitate regular entry/exit and any emergency exit requirements by holiday visitor occupants.

Human Action:

- The proprietor/responsible persons fire hazard investigations and consequent risk assessment evaluation of these apartments centre around the possibility of ignition of furniture, carpeting and curtaining as well as the occupants clothing, paper and other inflammable possessions.

- Considerable fire precautionary care has already occurred by the provision of mattresses, bed bases, bedding, pillows, chairs, settees, stools, cushions and non-inflammable waste bins which comply with current fire safety furnishing regulatory requirements.

- Fire ignition risks stemming from faulty/defective electrical equipment and from incorrectly installed/maintained gas fires, hobs and central heating/hot water boilers are reduced by annual professionally-qualified inspection and appropriate defect correction activity, (most recent copies available in each apartment visitor Information Box).

- Fire and/or smoke detectors (mains powered in Wordsworth/Ruskin, battery powered in Hepplewhite, Chippendale and Sheraton) are regularly checked for operational effectiveness by the proprietor/responsible person.

- Smoking is no longer permitted in any apartment or public internal area at Hazelwood Court. Appropriate prohibitive signage is prominently displayed in each apartment and public area. Candles for ornamental fireplace display are no longer supplied by proprietor.

- Given the aforementioned physical and human precautionary and emergency alerting provisions, it is the proprietor/responsible persons considered assessment opinion that the principal likelihood of personal injury and harm to its occupants resulting from an in-apartment fire outbreak will be the result of neglect, carelessness or misuse of ignitable items such as matches, lighters, fires, hobs, electrical equipment, etc. by the occupants themselves.

- Consequently, the proprietor/responsible person takes the view that effort should be made to clarify the identifiable fire risks in the apartments at Hazelwood Court, remind occupants/visitors of these potential risks in such a non-familiar environment, and highlight ways to minimise/eliminate such risks.

- Upon arrival, visitors are verbally made aware of fire precaution risk arrangements and are asked to read the attached Apartment Fire Risks and Emergency Procedures document, which details much of the information already identified and which, in particular, highlights the need for visitor/apartment occupant safety awareness and fire-risk minimisation understanding. During their introduction to their apartment, new arrivals are shown the Apartment Information Box in which the document is stored and are asked to ensure that all members of an apartment occupying party are made aware of its contents.

- A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket are provided between cooker and kitchen door in each apartment. Use instruction familiarisation is advised verbally/in printed form.

- Basic emergency exit instructions to evacuate all apartment occupants to the designated fire assembly point on the car park (notice board attached to stone wall) are adhered to kitchen units in each apartment.

- Adhesive exit route/close fire door/fire exit notices/arrows are attached to appropriate doors and walls in apartments, staircases and public areas. External automatic lighting is provided along exit route.

- Similar fire hazard awareness and preventative information is made for the family and any staying visitors in the proprietors own apartment.

Assessment Review Date: 7/3/2016
Completed by: M B Stilling 7/3/2015

Signature of Assessor:

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